Master Class – The Photo Montage, February 24/25, 2018


INSTRUCTOR | Fran Forman
DATE | February 24 to 25, 2018, both days from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
TUITION | $425
CLASS SIZE | limited to 10

Just as a photograph can record fragments of reality, it can also be created out of fragments. This is what a photo montage does. It juxtaposes and melds seemingly disparate objects into a cohesive whole, fragments from many sources, to present a different reality, in the way a dream might present fragments from different times and places.

 Blurring the line between photography and painting, a composited photo can invite the viewer to enter into a world of magic or mystery, of whimsy or the unconscious. It asks us: what realities exist beyond the traditional limits of gravity, linear time, or social convention? It can create an imaginary world, outside of the conventional, into the world of dreams and imagination and fantasy. It permits us to create extraordinary images out of ordinary things.

 In this intensive workshop, you will use the tools of Photoshop to create composited images from your own found, taken, and scanned images. Since you have mastered many of the technical issues, we will now address what makes the image work as a piece of art. To create a sense of magic realism or the possibility of a new reality, we will see how the disparate elements meld seamlessly. We will consider masking, edge treatments, color space, shadows and highlights, texture, perspective, depth of field, harmony, symmetry, and of course composition and narrative, all in the service of creating a cohesive image.

Bring your laptop and a mouse or, preferably, a stylus and tablet. You will be working independently to create your own photographic composites, but I will be looking over your shoulder constantly. Be prepared to get frustrated, confused, baffled, and to experiment and have fun. We will be sharing our composited artwork with the other members of the workshop and constantly critiquing each other’s work.

My class atmosphere is energetic, supportive and collaborative. Participants receive continual assistance and feedback on their works in progress. Frustration and laughter is to be expected and relished! I encourage experimentation, discovery, play, fun, and the open exchange of concepts, ideas, and techniques. Think of this workshop as a big playground, where you might get a few skinned knees but you’ll do so laughing and learning.

NOTE: If you prefer working on your mobile device, that’s fine, too. Or if you want to bring in examples of your mixed media and/or encaustic pieces, so much the better. It’s all about the image, and the degree of craftsmanship in the service of the image.

Cancellation Policy

Please send cancellation via email up to 7 days prior to workshop date for a full refund of tuition.


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