Wet Plate Holga Workshop September 24, 2017


INSTRUCTOR | S Gayle Stevens
DATE | September 24, 2017 from 9 to 4pm
TUITION | $200 includes all supplies ($25 discount per workshop if taking multiple Wet Plate Workshops, discount will be rebated via paypal )

Introductory wet plate workshop using a Holga plastic camera.  Topics covered will be the wet plate process and its history, the chemistry used and recipes for the chemistry, demonstration of coating a plate, sensitizing, exposing, developing, fixing, finishing and scanning tintypes, and instructions on setting up a wet plate darkroom.  Students will create tintype plates using a Holga plastic camera.

All chemicals and plates are provided, students need to provide a Holga plastic camera (or other medium format camera such as a Brownie Hawkeye) with a bulb setting and a cable release.  Purchasing recommendations can be made.

Any questions, please email amanda@asmithgallery.com.

Cancellation Policy

Please send cancellation via email up to 7 days prior to workshop date for a full refund of tuition.


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