Thanks for the Prayer Flags….

The Tibetan tradition of hanging prayer flags began more than two thousand years ago.  The prayers, invocations and mantras imprinted on them were thought to carry on the winds, to the surroundings and all that passed under them, happiness, peace, wisdom, strength, long life and compassion. In commemoration of World Cyanotype Day, founded by Judy Sherrod, we, with Judy’s help, sent out the call for cyanotype prayer flags to hang in the gallery for the celebration. The response was tremendous. We received flags from all around the country and the UK.  It truly was a blessing to have the incredibly creative and evocative cyanotype creations hanging in our new space.  We want to thank all the artists that have given our new home this blessed beginning.  Thank you: Shari Rhode Trennert, Mariana Bartolomeo,  Barbara Murray, Vicky Stromee, Margo Barnes, Paula Riff, Sandra Klein. Pat Brown, Amy Jasek, Michelle Lewis-Smith, Ann George, Heather Pyles, Kimberly Chiaris, Aubrey Guthrie, Donna Moore, S Gayle Stevens, Jackie Stoken, Johnny Powers, Valerie Burke, Mel Levin, Ky Lewis and the students of Niall Hunter at South Hampstead High School in London, England.