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Amer – i – ca :  “land of the free”, “home of the brave”, “the greatest nation on earth”, equality, “love it or leave it”, patriot, “land of opportunity”, frontier, “liberty and justice for all”, democracy, “right or wrong”, “leader of the free world”, land of immigrants, flag waving, God’s country, spacious skies, Uncle Sam, “We the People”, land of liberty, “purple mountains majesty”, melting pot, freedom of speech, individualism, self-determination, stars and stripes, American bald eagle, fourth of July,  Amerigo Vespucci, “manifest destiny”, “sea to shining sea”, brotherhood, 9-11, “amber waves of grain”, “liberty and justice for all”, pilgrim, indivisible, “united we stand, divided we fall”, voices, dreams. 


In honor of the celebration of July 4, 2011, A Smith Gallery would like to fill its walls with photographic interpretations of “America”.  Forty five to fifty images will be selected for exhibition.  A Blurb catalogue of the exhibit with all accepted entries will be available for purchase.  Awards are $250 for Jurors Choice, $250 Creativity Award from the gallery director, $100 for Visitors Choice and five Honorable mentions. 


The juror for “America” will be D. Clarke Evans, the president and director of the Texas Photographic Society.  He is also the official team photographer for the San Antonio Spurs basketball team.  Clarke has several degrees in business as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Brooks Institute School of Photographic Arts and Science and a Master of Arts degree from Texas Tech.  Clarke’s images have been selected for many group exhibitions over the past twenty years.  His work is included in numerous collections including the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.     


Creativity is encouraged.


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