"July" Call for Entry (Back to Home Page)


Extended deadline: May 15 at noon

fireworks, watermelon, baseball, flags, potato salad, slip and slide, apple pie, stickers, rope swing, mosquitoes, water sprinkler, sunburn, fishing, fans, dancing, sailboats, corn, ice cream, frisbee, boiled crabs, swimming pool, peaches, surf boards, okra, katydids, picnics, heat, fire flies, beaches.  

She held the roman candle out proudly and defiantly, orange and yellow fire balls popping out one by one, brilliant in the sultry dusk before plopping and sizzling in the black blue water of the cherished lake – her father pretending annoyance, turning, chuckling as he flips a grill striped and wonderfully charred burger, knocking his lit cigarette into a sweating galvanized tub with a watermelon bobbing amidst beer and soda cans like a vegetable submarine among crowded, tin pleasure craft -- hearing the familiar announcer raise his baseball voice, he calls out to the Mother to turn up the radio, she blows him a kiss, then screams, a girl again -- dropping a wiggly stringer of perch on the cool St. Augustine her teenage son sprays her with the slowly oscillating yellow lawn sprinkler, his little brother laboriously and ridiculously attempts to scoot towards the faintly sparkling fish wearing old wooden Cypress Gardens water skis, her father lights another cigarette, laughing, smoke pouring from his nostrils like dragon wind. 

Forty five to fifty images will be selected for exhibition and a Blurb full color catalogue of the exhibit with all the accepted entries will be available for purchase.  Awards are $325 for Juror’s Award, $250 and an exhibition catalogue for Director’s Award, five Honorable Mentions each receiving an exhibition catalogue and $100 for Visitors’ Choice Award. 

Creativity is encouraged.

Christy Karpinski will be the juror for July.  Christy is the founder and editor of F-Stop Magazine, an online photography magazine that promotes contemporary photography from established and emerging photographers from around the world with the intent to inspire and support a community of artists.  Christy has an MFA in photography as well as background in Women’s Studies and Sociology.  She teaches photography at Columbia College Chicago. 

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