Encaustic effects with Acrylic (this workshop is full, please email to be added to wait list)

INSTRUCTOR | Kevin Tully
DATE | March 16, 2024 at noon CST lasting 1.5 to 2 hours
TUITION | 75.00
CLASS SIZE | limited to 10 (this workshop is full, please email amanda@asmithgallery.com to be added to wait list)

We have been teaching encaustic workshops for over eleven years now. We continue to do so and we love the effects that can be achieved with the medium. However, over the years we have encountered a number of photographers and artists that were attracted to the end results but didn’t want to work with the hot wax, have to purchase all the gear necessary, or have a properly ventilated work area. Consequently, we have developed a workshop demonstrating the use of acrylic media to produce similar effects to encaustic wax.

Kevin is a painter who has worked primarily with acrylics for many years. He will demonstrate various techniques, using an array of materials, to achieve different end results, starting with a digital pigment print.

“Two things drew me to acrylics in the beginning — being relatively impatient, the fast-drying time of acrylics and the ability to build transparent impasto layers. I was drawn to the old master’s style of painting, of building layers of transparent glazes. I was never completely happy with the end result using acrylics until I discovered paste wax. Applying paste wax with a small amount of dry pigment as the final coat brought the paintings closer to the look of an oil painting. Over the years I have used this technique on paintings and furniture.” Kevin

If there is enough interest after this demo, we will also offer a hands-on zoom workshop using the various techniques and materials shown in the demonstrations.

The workshop will consist of:
Preparation of the print
Preparation of the various acrylic media
Application demonstrations
Slide show of finished products
Comprehensive materials list and uses

Any questions, email kevin@asmithgallery.com



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