Hand Coloring on Encaustic Images | Workshop in a Box / One on One Zoom Private Session


INSTRUCTOR | Kevin Tully assisted by Amanda Smith

TUITION | $420.00 for 5 hours with an hour followup (includes all supplies shipped to your home)

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION | Over the past eight years we have experimented with many methods and materials for the hand coloring of encaustic images. The creative potential for the enhancement and coloring of encaustic imagery is seemingly infinite. However, many of the methods, while interesting and effective, are not easily reproducible by the beginning or intermediate photo encaustic artist. The materials we have selected for this workshop have been proven to consistently achieve wonderful, repeatable results.

This is a workshop for the demonstration of and the practice of hand coloring.  We hope you create something to put on your wall, however that is not the goal of this workshop. We have found in past workshops that the “expectation” of creating something hangable has allowed that “expectation” to get in the way of learning.

“A few years ago I took an encaustic workshop with Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully.  I arrived at the workshop with my pristine photographic prints, ready to be creative.  After detailed demos on how to approach encaustic art-making, I found myself eager but truly scared to begin.  The little voice in my head told me, “don’t mess up and don’t ruin those prints.”  Thankfully Kevin recognized my fear, and in his straightforward way, said this:  “You have to be willing to sacrifice the work.”

This was a profound thing to say, especially given that as photographers, we’re all about the flawless print.  And to make sure that I got it, Kevin wrote his message on the wall by my worktable.  I wish I’d taken a picture, but even so, I’ve never forgotten his insightful words.  They were a gift given to me, and one that I’ve shared with others more times than  I can ever count.”     Tami Bone

It will be a one day workshop(approximately 5 hours via Zoom)in three sections:

  1. Starting with a desaturated image we will begin coloring on the print with colored pencil, pastel and water color. Then apply wax to the image. Followed by a demonstration of the application of water soluble wax crayon, egg tempera, pastel and cold wax.
  2. Starting with a black and white image we will add wax, then texture with tacking iron, etc. Followed by the application of water soluble wax crayon, egg tempera, pastel and cold wax.
  3. Starting with gessoed board we will adhere tissue paper image to the board with wax. Followed by the addition of cut-out images on tissue paper using the tacking iron and adding color to the image with pastel and cold wax.

As a prerequisite to this workshop it is necessary that the participant has a working knowledge of:  how to apply wax to the images, fusing and the working of the surface of the wax.

There will be a one hour follow-up session a few days later for the participants to ask questions and show their completed work made during the workshop and on their own over the previous couple of days following the end of the formal workshop.

All three images used in class description above will be identical and will be provided by the instructors. Participants will have the option of working on several of their own images during the time between the workshop and the follow-up session.  We will ship you a box full of all the equipment, supplies and tools you will need to participate which will be returned at the end of the workshop.

For more information, please email amanda@asmithgallery.com.


Cancellation Policy

Please send cancellation via email up to 14 days prior to workshop date for a full refund of tuition.




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