Simplified Photoshop + Soulful Stories with Tami Bone / January 24, 25 and 26, 2020 / sold out, email to be added to wait list

This workshop is sold out.  Please email amanda@asmith to be added to wait list.

DATE | January 24, 25 and 26, 2020 from 9am to 4pm each day
TUITION | $625.00
WORKSHOP SIZE | limited to 6

Simplified Photoshop, along with small epiphanies that come from connecting your personal narratives to your essence, can set you free in your journey as a fine art photographer.

Spread over three days, this workshop is all about connecting the core of who you are to the photographs you make, AND about discovering a straightforward and simplified approach to editing and layering imagery in Photoshop to more easily tell the story you are here to tell.

As artists we have the chance to express the fullness of ourselves in everything we do and make . . . our authenticity, our vulnerability, our hopes and our fears. Recognizing and parsing out these parts is the first step to getting to what we want to say with our work. The second part is finding the right tools to make the work. One is intuitive. One is technical. Both are interdependent.

In this workshop we will cover . . .
– the history of photo-collage, photomontage, and compositing
– maximizing image quality in Photoshop
– color working spaces in Photoshop
– basic exposure corrections in Photoshop
– non-destructive changes to an image in Photoshop
– using masks to hide what we don’t want to see in Photoshop
– using layers to make composite images in Photoshop
– composition using layered images in two dimensional form
– an overview of Photoshop for mobile devices

and we will explore . . .
– how our personal histories influence how and what we see
– journaling to bring clarity to what we are trying to convey
– uncovering the ideas and emotions we seek to express
– pulling the threads of our stories into a cohesive whole
– what lights us up
– strengthening our artistic voices
– our intentions as photographic artists
– melding our artistic aspirations with our daily lives

and this will be provided . . .
– a supportive environment
– a tried and true method for calming fear and getting distraction out of the way
– engaging and thought-provoking conversation
– ample attention in a small group setting
– inspiration and encouragement in spades

This workshop is for . . .
Anyone with a passion for self expression through photography, and with beginner understanding of Photoshop on a laptop, or  Photoshop Mix on an iPhone or iPad.  Students will need to bring a laptop, iPhone or iPad uploaded with Photoshop or Photoshop Mix.

image credit @TamiBone

Cancellation Policy

Please send cancellation via email up to 7 days prior to workshop date for a full refund of tuition.


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