WCD and Smith & Tully Printmaking Studio

World Cyanotype Day | September 25, 2021

All flags delivered to the gallery will be hung


After times of turmoil and chaos and loss a calm arrives, maybe briefly, yet it comes all the same. The sun rises and appears new, the light changed. Sweeter, virgin breezes ruffle leaves — the green taken brighter — emerald, Christmas — made of a painters will, brushed and spattered. Lunch and sweet teas excite again. A neighbor’s smile arrives a chorus, children borrow the baton, restart a reluctantly hibernating choir, “Rejuvenate, Rejuvenate, Rejuvenate!” An aged fellow finds the chorus in the crossword, “Rejuvenate!”


Everyone in the world is cordially invited to celebrate World Cyanotype Day at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas on Saturday, September 25 by creating cyanotype flags of their interpretation of “Rejuvenate” on white cloth, each 12×12 inches (30×30) cm.   If you would like to participate in the A Smith Gallery flag installation, please send your flags to the gallery.  We also invite you to celebrate with your friends wherever you find yourself on September 25, World Cyanotype Day.

If you would like for A Smith Gallery to hang your flags in celebration of World Cyanotype Day, please mail or ship them for delivery by September 17 to:

A Smith Gallery
103 N Nugent #175
P O Box 175
Johnson City, TX 78636

If you would like for us to return your flags, please include return address and postage.

The installation will hang in the gallery until November 7.  The flags will then be taken to New Orleans to the Healing Arts Center for an exhibition beginning in December for PhotoNOLA until the end of Mardi Gras.

There is no entry fee.  We just want to fill the gallery with cyanotype flags!

For more information or questions, please contact amanda@asmithgallery.com.

(image by Vicki Reed)



Smith & Tully Printmaking Studio

Smith & Tully Printmaking Studio is a collaboration between A Smith Gallery and Mark L Smith Fine Art Gallery. Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully, the Directors of A Smith Gallery, and Mark Smith have combined to create a unique printmaking workshop that melds the photographic processes with various printmaking and hand-coloring techniques such as: encaustic, oil painting, pastel chalk, and other mixed-media.

Smith & Tully concentrates on bringing career artists with diverse backgrounds to teach small workshops focused on their particular techniques. Located in historic Johnson City (LBJ territory), the workshop offers the charm of the Texas Hill Country, and the congeniality of making art with new artistic friends.

For information about current workshops, please see the workshop section of this website.

For more information about Mark Smith and his gallery , Mark Smith Fine Art, please follow this link.