light :   sunny, cloudless, ablaze, lucent, aglow, beaming, shiny, luminous, brilliant, radiant, bright ……


“Is there light at the end of the tunnel?” Albert Camus asked Albert Einstein.

“Yeah, but it’s fast, gotta pay real close attention to catch it,” said Einstein.

“Be careful, it can blind you,” said Bruce Springsteen.

“I remember light, I remember light as the chirp of a frog just as the sun was going down and my Father’s gently rising and falling cigarette warning us of his inevitable approach, the glowing, smoldering tobacco sweet on the congenial summer air, rolled only with the finest Turkish pipe tobacco in unreasonably expensive, delicate, little squares of diaphanous, translucent rice paper,  Aunt Leonie’s wild coiffure, reminiscent of a Brittany hay stack, said my cousin Aristides once as we followed her down Rue de Rivoli to retrieve a special pastry, would appear to retain the brilliant energy of the sun, glowing, even after proud Helios drove his golden chariot over the fading border, true west, the dog barking as Mother approached with an affably luminous paper lantern, my Aunt insisting she hold it and regale us with her tales of visiting the Japanese and the great pyramid of the ancient Mexicans, telling us again how she stood atop the pyramid of the sun and could hear, she was not certain if they were celebratory or a product of overwhelming terror, cries…,” said Marcel Proust…” From “A Journal of Discussions on Light” By Franklin Cincinnatus


Creativity is encouraged.


JUROR | Richard McCabe will be the juror for “light”.  He is a curator, photographer and writer based in New Orleans. He was born in England and grew up in the American South. In 1998, he received an MFA in Studio Art from Florida State University. He has taught Photography as an adjunct professor at: Pratt Institute, New York City, Montclair State University, Montclair, New Jersey, Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut and Xavier University, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Since 2010, he has been the Curator of Photography at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. He has organized and curated over thirty exhibitions including: Seeing Beyond the Ordinary, The Mythology of Florida, The Rising, Eudora Welty: Photographs from the 1930s – 40s, The Colourful South, Self-Processing: Instant Photography, New Southern Photography and Memory is a Strange Bell: The Art of William Christenberry.

Richard McCabe’s photographs have been included in gallery and museum exhibitions throughout the United States including: Size Matters, Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, Alabama, Instant Joy, AM Richard Fine Art Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, and Once Around The Sun, Boyd/Satellite Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana.

McCabe’s thoughts and writings on photography have been published in the New York Times, Time, National Public Radio(NPR), Louisiana Cultural Vistas, Spot, The Bitter Southerner, HOTSHOE and LENSCRATCH magazine. In 2018, he contributed the introduction essay  – The Reality on the Ground for the University of New Orleans press publication: New Southern Photography: Images of the Twenty-first Century South. In 2019 he wrote the introduction essay for the Cattywampus press publication: Devin Lunsford: All the Place You’ve Got, and the essay – The North Star for the Ogden Museum publication – Memory is a Strange Bell: The Art of William Christenberry.


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SUBMISSION | Email:  Email image files and submission form to amanda@asmithgallery.com. The gallery will send an email confirmation upon receiving the submission and payment.

The gallery will send an email confirmation upon receiving the submission and payment.


SUBMISSION | Entry Fee:  $38 for the first 5 images, $7 per each additional image. Submissions of 11 or more images are eligible for a review of the submitted images by the gallery directors.  Submission fees are not refundable.


ELIGIBILITY |  Submissions are open to all photographers both professional and amateur working in all photographic mediums and styles. International entries are welcomed. Work that has been previously exhibited at A Smith Gallery is not eligible.


PRINTING/MATTING/FRAMING | Information:  The gallery offers printing, matting and framing services. If sending framed work, please use mats and frames that compliment your work and are appropriate in a gallery setting. Colored mats are discouraged. All images should be ready to hang with wires. Gallery wraps are not acceptable. If you have any questions regarding appropriate presentation please contact amanda@asmithgallery.com.


AWARDS|  The awards are as follows:

Jurors Award – $325.00
Directors Award – $250.00
Three Juror Honorable Mentions – an exhibition catalogue
Director Honorable Mentions chosen at the discretion of the Gallery Directors – an exhibition catalogue
Visitors Award – $100.00


SALES |  The gallery will retain 40% of the sales price.


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