she :  girl, daughter, mother, lady, matron, gentlewoman, gal, sister, feminine, madam, miss, grandmother, damsel, mademoiselle, lassie, princess, female, femme ……


“There’s something in the way she moves…”

Fred began to see girls differently after he read a story that called girl wolves, “she wolves” . . .

She stood out in the sea of pink hats, not because she was tall, or thin, or loud, but because her hat was pinker . . .

The hysterical young man screamed at the policeman, “Her name…her name… Ok, it’s She, She!“ . . .

The linguist stammered; he murdered all words except the word “she” . . .

The politician could not speak of his opponent without tossing the word out like a profanity – when she won “she” appeared on t-shirts, billboards and license plates . . .

When Mr. Glazer would say “she did this” or “she did that” or “she would not approve” he was talking about a man that would stand in his closet wearing his wife’s lingerie . . .

Dolores worked at the SPCA.  She hated the b-word.  She changed all the forms . . .

Ziggy and Wanda snuck into the ridiculously cavernous hanger with cans of paint and painted “she” on all the bombs waiting to be loaded – they all missed their targets . . .

In pubs across the arid parts of Ireland they tell a story of an illiterate carver of gravestones that carved only “she” on the stones of women and “his” on the stones of men . . .

I love her and she loves me . . .

Franklin Cincinnatus


JUROR |  Kat Kiernan will be the juror for “she”.  Kat is the Editor-in-Chief of the photography publication Don’t Take Pictures. Her writings on photography have been published in books as well as in publications including Art New England OnlineFeature ShootBig, Red, and Shiny, and Lenscratch. In 2015 she received the Rising Star Award from the Griffin Museum of Photography for her contributions to the photographic community. In 2012 Photoboite Agency named her one of 30 emerging women photographers under the age of 30 to watch. She holds a BFA in photography and has exhibited her photographs throughout the United States.

SUBMISSION | GUIDELINES:  Digital images should 1000 pixels on the longest side saved in JPEG format at 72 ppi. Each image should be labeled with consecutive numbers followed by your name, i.e. 1FirstName_LastName.jpg. The number should correspond with the number on the application form.  Please do not watermark your images.  

SUBMISSION | ONLINE:  Fill out our online application to apply, send images, and make payment with Paypal. You will receive an email confirmation upon receiving the entry and payment. You can also fill and submit the online application, print out your confirmation email, and mail it with a check for your fees to the address below. 

SUBMISSION | EMAIL:  Email image files and submission form to amanda@asmithgallery.com. The gallery will send an email confirmation upon receiving the entry and payment.

SUBMISSION | MAIL:  CD’s and submission form should be mailed to:

A Smith Gallery
P O Box 175
103 N Nugent #175
Johnson City, TX 78636

The gallery will send an email confirmation upon receiving the entry and payment.

SUBMISSION | ENTRY FEE:  $35 for the first 5 images, $6 per each additional image. Entries of 11 or more images are eligible for a review of the entry by the gallery directors.  Entry fees are not refundable.

ELIGIBILITY |  Submissions are open to all photographers both professional and amateur working in all photographic mediums and styles. International entries are welcomed. Work that has been previously exhibited at A Smith Gallery is not eligible.

PRINTING/MATTING/FRAMING | INFORMATION:  The gallery offers printing, matting and framing services. If sending framed work, please use mats and frames that compliment your work and are appropriate in a gallery setting. Colored mats are discouraged. All images should be ready to hang with wires. Gallery wraps are acceptable. If you have any questions regarding appropriate presentation please contact amanda@asmithgallery.com.

AWARDS|  The awards are as follows:

Jurors Award – $325.00
Directors Award – $250.00
Three Juror Honorable Mentions – an exhibition catalogue
Director Honorable Mentions chosen at the discretion of the Gallery Directors – an exhbition catalogue
Visitors Award – $100.00

SALES |  The gallery will retain 40% of the sales price.

USE RIGHTS |  Photographers retain full rights to their own images. The gallery will use the photographer’s images for publicity purposes as well as in the Blurb exhibition catalogue.

FOR MORE INFORMATION |  amanda@asmithgallery.com