trees – forest, sapling, oak, timber, woods, leaves, seedling, topiary, thicket, park, trunk, branches, family, grove, pine, foliage.


“The little town sat quite picturesquely at the mating of two much traveled paths.  It had grand vistas, good water and a unique cut stone architecture.  Jacopo reminded his new friend not to speak in the company of the village’s people, “They will rat out your intelligence and hastily flee, fearful that you will regale them with stories of wonder and success.”

“You mistake me sir, I am a son of a sawyer,” said the tall young man in green.  “I know only of trees and their using.”

“Certainly, however I can see that you carry certain intelligence and value enterprise.  Come, walk with me further and let us talk of these things,” said Jacopo, thoughtfully twisting his rather long beard into small hair tornados, taking the strangers strong hand.

The young stranger had noticed that the town and its environs, though quite striking, were void of any tree or shrubbery taller than sixteen hands.

“Jacopo, Sir, may I call you by your name?”

“Most certainly my new friend,” replied Jacopo, cleaning his cold pipe with a twig broken from a nearby aromatic bush.

“Yes, Jacopo why are there no trees like those that I am familiar with in this place?  How do the good people of this handsome village heat their homes, ladle their soup, contain their sheep — bury their dead?”

“Oh my new friend, see, you are a canny fellow,” said Jacopo.

“Do they not yearn for a bit of cooling shade in the mean days of summer?”

“This place was once as a park.  It was a greenwood with stag and chattering squirrel.  The ancient, proud men of the coast came and enchanted these folk with bright metals and bargained for the timber — they built great covetous yawls, raking the seas as one would collect spent ashes from the hearth.”  said Jacopo, leaning his staff and bundle against a close boulder.

The two new friends then sat side to side in the small shade of the rock.  The sun being now very low in the sky.


JUROR | Michael Kenna will be the juror for “trees”.  He was born in Widnes, England in 1953. As one of 5 children born to a working class Irish-Catholic family, he initially aspired to enter the priesthood but his passion for the arts led him to The Banbury School of Art where he studied painting and then photography. Later he attended The London College of Printing and began working as a photographer and artist. He moved to San Francisco in 1977 where he was astounded by the number of galleries the city housed which allowed artists to showcase and sell their work. San Francisco has remained his home ever since.

Michael Kenna’s work has often been described as enigmatic, graceful and hauntingly beautiful much like the Japanese landscape. Kenna first visited Japan in 1987 for a one-person exhibition and was utterly seduced by the country’s terrain. Over the years he has traveled throughout almost the entire country constantly taking photographs. From these many treks the book Japan, featuring 95 of these photographs, was conceived.

The simplicity and clarity of Kenna’s Japan alludes to rather than describes his subject allowing the viewer to have a completely unique and tailored interpretation. He has described this body of work as, “more like a haiku rather than a prose”; his work being like photographs written in short poem form. Kenna’s photographs are often made at dawn or in the dark hours of night with exposures up to 10 hours. Kenna has said “you can’t always see what’s otherwise noticeable during the day… with long exposures you can photograph what the human eye is incapable to seeing”.

Michael Kenna’s prints have been shown in numerous exhibitions throughout the world with permanent collections in the Bibliotheque, Paris; The Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague; The National Gallery of Art, Washington DC; and the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Kenna has also done a great deal of commercial work for such clients as Volvo, Rolls Royce, Audi, Sprint, Dom Perignon and The Spanish Tourist Board. Kenna to date has published 18 photography books. 1000 pixels on the longest side saved in JPEG format at 72 ppi. Each image should be labeled with consecutive numbers followed by your name, i.e. 1FirstName_LastName.jpg. The number should correspond with the number on the application form.

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Jurors Award – $325.00
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Visitors Award – $100.00

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