habitat : dwelling, nest, settlement, domicile, roost, homestead, haven, abode, surroundings, environment, digs, nook, quarters, home…….


“If you’ll just walk this way, please step around the seal, I’ll show you how he lived,” said the guide, a spotless captain’s cap sitting square on his small head.  She noticed how his ears waved a bit as he walked, not unlike those of the swaying elephant looking on from the boat house.

“Upon entering you will notice a rather large turkey buzzard perched on the Venetian urn in the alcove.  Please don’t be afraid and don’t touch please — it is stuffed and harmless.  This quite unattractive carrion eater would unfailingly greet the Doctor each time he entered, regurgitating a small gift that the Doctor would accept with a brilliant show of appreciation.  He would proceed into the great room and, beyond the view of the great bird, toss the gift out of the window to a family of shrew that lived in the flower bed, under the magnificently carved stone that he had brought back from the Congo.  You may still view it just as it was when he lived.”

Standing in the grand Portuguese style kitchen, tiled and painted with scenes of flora and fauna, the ceiling timbers decorated with nautical motifs mingled with reptiles and insects, she became aware, to her great disappointment, that all the animals in and around the house were the work of a gifted taxidermist.  She could have sworn that a stern faced gibbon perched above the stove winked at her.

A Japanese tourist, that had been trailing behind her silently the entire tour, started laughing and shouting something that sounded like “Cousteau.”  She turned to see him very excitedly pointing at what appeared to be a pile of some sort of animal dung.  The tour guide adjusted his captain’s cap, reached down and picked up the poop, tapping it against a rather large gold ring on his pinky, “It’s plastic you see.”  From “Amy Dolittle” by Franklin Cincinnatus


JUROR | Julie Blackmon will be the juror for “habitat”. Julie says she believes life’s most poignant moments come from the ability to fuse fantasy and reality: to see the mythic amidst the chaos. Inspired by the Dutch proverb of a “Jan Steen household,” which describes a home in disarray, overfilled with boisterous and rowdy children, Blackmon photographs the everyday lives of her family and her sisters’ families at their homes in Springfield, Missouri. The tableaux she creates are pieced together from several shots, resulting in collages that are both tailored and precarious.

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