story:  adventure, tale, narrative, myth, drama, fable, saga, fiction, novel, fantasy….


When I was a kid I saw the Disney movie, “The Jungle Book.” I loved it — a really cool bear, an imperious tiger and a boy, wild in the jungle, raised by wolves — what the hell is better than that? I remember that I already knew most of the story. I’m not sure why. Someone, mom or grandparent, must have read the stories to me at some point. Shortly thereafter I saw the book, ”Kim”, in a bookstore, also by Rudyard Kipling. On the cover was a smiling young Indian boy. I remember picturing in my mind the boy being Mowgli, just older. I imagined what he was doing in the book. I didn’t read the book until I was much older. In my younger imaginings I had gotten it all wrong. He didn’t grow-up to be an accordion playing veterinarian — just kidding, I don’t really remember what I had imagined for the older Mowgli.

Thinking about this sparked something in my brain recently, causing me to remember being a kid in front of the book rack at Woolworth’s or in a bookstore or perusing the bookshelf at a friend’s house. I loved book covers, especially when I was too young to be able to understand what was inside. I would make-up, imagine my own story, based upon the cover image and title, if I could understand it.

I have never grown out of my youthful predilection for conjuring tales based on imagery. Photography has taken the place of book covers. There are stories waiting to be discovered or invented.

So, Franklin and I would love to see your images. Frank will write a short tale to go along with each of the images chosen to be included in the 27 book.

Like Rod said, “Every picture tells a story, don’t it”

Kevin Tully, July, 2022


JUROR | Juror for “story” will be Kevin Tully. Kevin is a photographer, designer, writer and artist. He has over forty years of experience as a landscape designer, furniture designer, fine art painter and photographer.  Kevin’s alter-ego and nom de plume, Franklin Cincinnatus, is currently working on a soon to be published collection of stories.


SUBMISSION | Guidelines: Digital images should 1200 pixels on the longest side saved in JPEG format at 72 ppi. Each image should be labeled with consecutive numbers followed by your name, i.e. 1FirstName_LastName.jpg. The number should correspond with the number on the application form.  Please do not watermark your images.  If you need help sizing your images, please follow this link https://convert.town/image-dpi

SUBMISSION | Online:  Fill out our online application to apply, send images, and make payment with Paypal. You will receive an email confirmation upon receiving the submission and payment. You can also fill and submit the online application, print out your confirmation email, and mail it with a check for your fees to the address below.  Please note that gallery emails often end up in spam folders.  Please check your spam if you did not receive a confirmation email.

SUBMISSION | Entry Fee: $40 for the first 5 images, $5 per each additional image.  There is no limit to the number of images you may submit. Submission fees are not refundable.

SUBMISSION | Entry Reviews:  Photographers submitting 13 or more images are entitled to receive a complimentary review by the gallery directors. Photographers that enter less than 13 images, can receive a review for an additional $20. All reviews will be 30 minutes and typically scheduled a week after the exhibition results are announced.


ELIGIBILITY | The competition is open to all photographers both professional and amateur working in all photographic mediums and styles. International entries are welcomed. Work that has been previously exhibited in an A Smith Gallery competition is not eligible.


ONLINE EXHIBITION AND CATALOGUE | Jurors will be selecting 55 images in total. All 55 images will be in an exhibition catalogue and also be included in the online exhibition gallery.  A complimentary copy of the exhibition catalogue will be mailed to each photographer included in the catalogue.  There is a postage fee of $15 for non US photographers eligible to received the catalogue.  The gallery will be featuring each of the 55 images on both Facebook and Instagram over the span of the exhibition.

“THE 27” HARDBOUND EXHIBITION BOOK | 27 images from the total 55 images will be selected for “The 27”, a hardbound fine art book of the exhibition.  “The 27” will be available for purchase.


NOTIFICATIONS | All photographers who have submitted an entry will receive an email notification of the juror’s selection. Please note that gallery emails often end up in spam folders.  Please check your spam if you did not receive a confirmation email.

AWARDS| The awards are as follows:

Jurors Award – a solo exhibition, “The 27” exhibition book and feature story on the gallery blog
Directors Award – “The 27” exhibition book and a feature story on the gallery blog
Visitors Award (most Instagram likes) – $100

The solo exhibition awarded as the Juror’s Award will be scheduled at a mutually agreed time for the duration of a month.  An artist reception will be scheduled the last Saturday of the month during the gallery’s ArtWalk and FaceBook Live GalleryWalk.


SALES | The gallery has an online store and will include all images from the exhibition. The gallery will retain 40% of the sales price.  When a print sells, there are two options.  First, the artist may ship a signed print directly to the buyer.  Or the gallery will print the image for the artist.  Please see Printing Services for details.


USE RIGHTS | Photographers retain full rights to their own images. The gallery will use the photographer’s images for publicity purposes as well as on line gallery, online store, exhibition catalogue and “The 27” exhibition book.


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