black/white:  charcoal/snowy, onyx/ivory, pitch/clear, ebony/alabaster, coal/pearly ….


“Art Dimple, his real name was Randy Smith, named his dog Chiaroscuro.  His car answered to Rembrandt. As a child he would color Casper the Ghost black. His Mother alternated between drunk and worrying about him. His Father was the Tango Instructor at the Fort Worth Arthur Murray Dance Studio.  He cared very little for little Randy but cared quite a lot for Andressa Ferreyra, a middle aged Brazilian Samba instructor.

Art struggled as a child and teenager.  In college he met a beautiful girl from Port Arthur that dressed all in black, painted her fingernails black, wore black shoes with buckles, dyed her black hair black — but her freckled face and devastating cerulean blue eyes she left free of adulteration or makeup, and, she laughed, she laughed a lot.

She laughed when he told her his dog’s name was Chiaroscuro.  She laughed when he asked her out for a date.  She laughed when he showed her his series of paintings and woodcuts of black Casper the Ghost.  She laughed when he told her that his Father was having an affair with a woman named Andressa Ferreyra, that she had a young son that looked a lot like him.  However, when he asked her opinion of a new painting he was working on, a large canvas of two dark figures dancing, barely discernible in the darkness, she soberly asked him for a paint brush and some titanium white.

She deftly brushed in reflections and gradations of the penumbras and the subtlety of satin and perspiration.  Art couldn’t command his tears.  He asked her to leave.  He called her a few hours later and played her Black Sabbath’s song “Changes” over the phone.  She laughed.  Art apologized.  She laughed.

Art eventually asked her to marry him. She laughed…” From “Fort Worth Stories” By Franklin Cincinnatus


JUROR |Jennifer Schlesinger will be the juror for “black/white”.  She is an Artist, Curator, Gallerist, and Educator based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Schlesinger has approached her fine art photography with an interest in the historical development of photography as an artistic medium – having influences from the age old camera obscura, to 19th century albumen process, to 20th century gelatin silver printing. She is interested in how the evolution of photography can expand upon the development of photography as an art form. Her artistic mediums of choice have been the 19th Century albumen process and gelatin silver printing processes and her work mostly focuses on the landscape and how humans philosophically interact with the natural world around them. She uses photography as a tool to capture the world around her both poetically and metaphorically, and is highly influenced by the investigation of life through philosophy.

Jennifer graduated from the College of Santa Fe in 1998 with a B.A. in Photography and Journalism. Schlesinger has exhibited widely at Southwest regional institutions such as the Marion Center for Photographic Arts (SFUAD), Santa Fe Art Institute and the New Mexico Museum of Art, as well as national institutions such as the Southeast Museum of Photography and the Chelsea Art Museum. Her work has been published online and in print with international publications such as Black and White Magazine (U.S and UK), the cover article for Diffusion Magazine Volume III, and Fotoritim in Turkey. Schlesinger is represented in many public collections, including the Southeast Museum of Photography, FL; The New Mexico Museum of Art, and the New Mexico History Museum / Palace of the Governors Photo Archives. She has received several honors in recognition of her work including a Golden Light Award in Landscape Photography from the Maine Photographic Workshops and the Center for Contemporary Arts Photography Award in Santa Fe, New Mexico, both in 2005. She has been awarded many distinctive nominations such as the Santa Fe Prize for Photography by the Center and the Eliot Porter Fellowship by the New Mexico Council for Photography. She was the Assistant Director of Santa Fe Art Institute from 2003-2005 and was the Director of VERVE Gallery of Photography since from 2005-2017. She is now the Owner and Director at Obscura Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Schlesinger has taught Adjunct at the College of Santa Fe and continues to teach via workshops through the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Art Intersection, and other venues.

Schlesinger’s photographic work can be purchased at her represented galleries including Catherine Couturier Gallery, Houston, TX; Tilt Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ; Vision Neil Folberg Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel; and Camino Silvestre, San Miguel de Allende.


Creativity is encouraged.


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ELIGIBILITY |  Submissions are open to all photographers both professional and amateur working in all photographic mediums and styles. International entries are welcomed. Work that has been previously exhibited at A Smith Gallery is not eligible.


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AWARDS|  The awards are as follows:

Jurors Award – $325.00
Directors Award – $250.00
Three Juror Honorable Mentions – an exhibition catalogue
Director Honorable Mentions chosen at the discretion of the Gallery Directors – an exhbition catalogue
Visitors Award – $100.00


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