“Vietnam” by Polly Whitehorn | Awards Collective GalleryTalk

The Awards Collective was created to feature the works of artist who have received a Juror’s Award or Director’s Award in ASG’s Online exhibitions.  Polly Whitehorn’s  image “Yocelin with Sunflower“ received the Juror’s Award in the “open/unfiltered” exhibition juried by Kevin Tully.  Polly’s exhibition “Vietnam” was featured from June 1 to June 30, 2024 and is discussed in our GalleryTalk with Polly.

Artist Statement

Coming of age in the 60’s, it was hard to ignore what was happening in a small Southeast Asian country called Vietnam.

Always a curious and adventurous traveler, I made a 4-week journey there last summer.  Desirous of seeing the remote less travelled areas, I visited remote villages that are home to some of the 54 ethnic minority groups that comprise the northern region of Vietnam.

I had the good fortune to be escorted by another photographer eager to show me the riches of the landscape and the people that make it a welcoming place.

The landscape is like a symphony.  Rich and melodious with hidden vistas that surprise at every turn. The rolling hillsides of the tea fields and the sculpted, stepped terrain of ancient family-owned rice farms embody a unique magic.

These images are a sampling and a reflection of this unique experience.

Polly Whitehorn
May, 2024


I received my professional training in apparel design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York City, paving the way for a successful career in clothing design. I launched a high end childrenswear company that I ran for 7 years.  Customers included Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and specialty boutiques nationwide.

Transitioning to home décor I evolved into a nationally recognized quiltmaker and fiber artist. Adding to my skill set, I earned certificates in both Non-Profit Management and Fundraising Management working 7 years as an arts management professional at an arts council in New York.

With the advent of digital photography, I became intrigued with the ease of use and endless creative possibilities. From my cache of photos, I layer images and textures creating dreamlike photographs.

My fine art photography has been exhibited in corporate venues, libraries, museums, and galleries. It can be found in private and corporate collections. Clients for my commercial work include media publications, musicians, artists, and executives. I am currently a member and past board member of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists, the American Society of Media Photographers, the Fiber Arts Guild of Pittsburgh, Cranberry Artists Network and the Atlanta Photography Group.

I moved to Pittsburgh from New York in 2012 and divide my time between Southwestern, PA and the Sonoran Desert.

website: pollywhitehorn.com
instagram: @pollywhitehornphotography

link to online exhibition

“Axis Mundi / The Sacred Center” | Photographic Performance GalleryTalk

The Photographic Performance was created to feature the works of artist with completed bodies of work and a strong narrative. Axis Mundi’s group exhibition is the fourth of four performances to be exhibited during 2024.  The exhibition is discussed with the eight members in this GalleryTalk.

Artist Statement

Axis Mundi is a photographic exhibition showcasing the visions of eight artists who interpret the intersection of heaven and earth through their unique lenses. Rather than mirror the physical environment, these artists embellish, romanticize, and amplify it, transforming reality into personal expressions. Their images serve as portals, concealed passages to otherworldly dimensions, narrating tales of awe and wonder. Viewers are invited to transcend the material world and explore the extraordinary realms that lie beyond.


We are a collective of expressionist photographers united by our passion to transcend the surface layers of reality. Through our work we capture the ephemeral beauty and emotional resonance of the world around us. Our diverse backgrounds and unique voices converge to form a rich tapestry of artistic exploration as we inspire appreciation for the interconnectedness between our inner and outer landscapes.

Renee Lynn, Christophe Potworowski, Terri Golas, Donna Oglesby, Rita Swinford, M M Rainey, Julie Devine and Judy Bonderman
June, 2024

Directors’ Statement

Expressionism as a movement in the art world began as a response to materialism and the orthodoxies of art and religion before and after World War I. It gave painters the freedom to express — with color, brush strokes, and content — emotions and subjective interpretations and representations of the world — objective reality denied.

The expressionist photography collective, Axis Mundi, has beautifully and compellingly transformed obvious reality, which is typically expected from the camera, into a metaphysical expression of light, color, and form.  These painterly compositions suggest contemplation, allowing for an emotional response.

The creative connection and kinship between Renee, Christophe, Terri, Donna, Rita, Margaret,  Julie, and Judy is obvious. We, the viewer, are lucky that these photographers found each other. We look forward to seeing how this collective inspires each other and us in the future.

Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
June, 2024

website: reneelynnimages.com
instagram @reneelynnimages

website: potworowski.com
instagram @christophepotworowski

website: terrigo.com
instagram @terrigolas

website: ritaswinford.com
instagram @r_d_swinford

website: donnaoglesbyphotography.com
instagram @donnaoglesbyphotography

website: mmrainey.com
instagram @mmrainey_photography

instagram @juliedevine50

website: judybondermanphoto.myportfolio.com
instagram @bondermama

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“Becoming Landscape” by Melina Meza | Awards Collective GalleryTalk

The Awards Collective was created to feature the works of artist who have received either a Juror’s Award or Director’s Award in ASG’s Online exhibitions.  Melina Meza’s image “True Nature“ received the Director’s Award in the “sanctuary” exhibition juried by Kevin Tully.  Melina’s exhibition “Becoming Landscape” is discussed in this GalleryTalk.

Artist Statement

Journey through the hauntingly beautiful remnants of Bodie, California—a historic gold mining town frozen in time. This dreamy American series serves as a poignant meditation on impermanence and the enduring resilience of nature’s embrace.

Nestled within the rugged landscape of the Sierra Nevada’s subarctic expanse, Bodie once thrived as a bustling hub of life and industry. From its peak population of 10,000 in 1879 to its dwindling community of 120 residents by 1920, the town’s story is one of ebbs and flows, of dreams forged and dreams faded. Despite the closure of its mines in 1944, Bodie’s legacy endures, earning it the prestigious designation as a National Historic Landmark in 1961.

As I wander through Bodie’s silent streets and weathered buildings, I am captivated by the whispers of history echoing in the wind—the imagined conversations at kitchen tables, the scent of wood smoke lingering in the air, the laughter of children dancing across faded floorboards. Through my lens, I seek to capture not just the physical remnants of Bodie’s past, but the intangible essence of hope and resilience that permeates its weathered walls.

In ‘Becoming Landscape,’ I explore the delicate dance between human ambition and nature’s inexorable march of time. Each photograph is a testament to the enduring spirit of Bodie—a reminder that even in the face of decay and dissolution, there exists a quiet beauty in the cycle of birth, growth, and eventual return to the earth.

Through the gentle surrender of buildings and objects to the tender embrace of nature, ‘Becoming Landscape’ speaks to the interconnectedness of all things—the fleeting nature of human endeavors juxtaposed against the timeless grandeur of the natural world. It is a visual poem of hope and transformation.

Melina Meza, 2024


My artistic journey, rooted in the enchanting landscapes of Northern California, is a testament to nature’s transformative power and the art of mindfulness. From childhood, I’ve found solace and inspiration in nature’s beauty, shaping my path as a lens-based artist and wellness advocate.

At the core of my practice is a deep reverence for the present moment, intertwining mindfulness with artistic expression. Through my camera lens, I embark on a journey of exploration, capturing the profound connection between inner peace and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. Photography, for me, is not just technical; it’s a meditative act of co-creation with the natural world, a testament to embracing curiosity and being fully present in every moment captured.

Drawing upon a diverse array of techniques, my artistic style is characterized by a unique blend of in-camera multiple exposures, motion, and macro photography. Each image serves as a poetic interpretation of the natural world.

As a passionate advocate for wellness, I strive to share the transformative benefits of spending time outdoors and immersing oneself in the beauty of the natural world. Through my art and teachings, I aim to inspire others to cultivate a deeper connection with nature, fostering a sense of harmony, joy, and belonging in the world around them.

In the embrace of nature, I find not only artistic inspiration but also a profound sense of gratitude and awe. Each day brings new wonders and discoveries, reminding me of the endless possibilities that lie within the present moment.

website:  melinameza.com

link to online exhibition

“Together, Adrift” by Sylvie Redmond | Awards Collective GalleryTalk

The Awards Collective was created to feature the works of artist who have received a Juror’s Award or Director’s Award in ASG’s Online exhibitions.  Sylvie Redmond’s  image “Untitled“ received the Juror’s Award in the “black/white” exhibition juried by Ann Jastrab.  Sylvie’s exhibition “Together, Adrift” was featured from May 1 to May 31, 2024 and is discussed in our GalleryTalk with Sylvie.

Artist Statement

Every summer after my parents’ divorce, my father would load all three of us into a rented RV and we would wind our way out of the city heading south to Shenandoah National Park.  These sticky southern summers defined my childhood, and the memories continue to loom large.

Retracing the familiar footpath of my own childhood, this ongoing series pays homage to my children’s burgeoning experience in the wild spaces we encounter on the road: the child-like marvel that comes from catching a grasshopper, the simple joy of skipping rocks in a mountain lake, and the intimate simplicity of being free from technology while surrounded so completely by family.  Leaving behind the familiar comforts and schedules of home, our experience is boiled down to the essentials.  Family bonds shift and strengthen, as if the tendrils of connection grow quicker in close proximity.

Although a personal inquiry, Together, Adrift contemplates the broader cultural questions surrounding identity and belonging in the modern world. How does our reliance on technology affect our relationships? How do we instill a love and respect for nature in a fast-paced world? How are we shaped by the places we call home? Together, Adrift invites us to consider these questions that anchor us to our modern world.

Sylvie Redmond, 2024


Sylvie Redmond (b. 1980) is an interdisciplinary artist and mother working in lens-based media, alternative photographic processes, and text. Her work investigates personal narratives that explore themes of family, motherhood, time, and memory

After an early start, Redmond returned to photography in 2019 following a 14-year career in education. She holds a Certificate from the International Center of Photography in New York City (2023), a MA in Educational Policy Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2010), and a BA in Human Development and Environmental Studies from Colby College (2003). She is currently a student in the Long Term Photobook Program through the Penumbra Foundation and the Image Threads Collective.

Her work has been exhibited (nationally and) internationally, including The Griffin Museum of Photography, The Houston Center for Photography, Praxis Gallery, Hera Gallery, and FotoNostrum Barcelona. Redmond was a 2023 Photolucida Critical Mass finalist, an overall winner of the 20th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards and an Editors’ Pick for the both LensCulture’s 2022 Portrait Awards and the Home 2021 International Photography Prize.  She received three 19th Pollux Awards Honorable Mentions, the Juror’s Award from the A Smith Gallery, and an Honorable Mention from the Griffin Museum’s Juried Exhibitions. She has been featured in online publications including Lenscratch, Vanity Fair: Italia, and The Photo Review.

Redmond lives and works in Minneapolis, MN with her family

website: sylvieredmond.com
instagram: @sylvie_redmond

link to online exhibition

“Reclaiming the Muse” by Grace Weston | Photographic Performance GalleryTalk

The Photographic Performance was created to feature the works of artist with completed bodies of work and a strong narrative. Grace Weston’s exhibition “Reclaiming the Muse“ is the third of four performances to be exhibited during 2024.  Grace’s exhibition is discussed in this GalleryTalk.

Artist Statement

Patriarchy has controlled the narrative for 10,000 years. My staged miniature photography series, RECLAIMING THE MUSE, reframes historic artworks and stories in contemporary terms. In centering women, historically cast as objects of beauty or scorn, I strive to revitalize the muse with agency, furthering the issues important to me as a contemporary female artist.

Mythos, power dynamics, gender roles, liberation, empowerment, and self-preservation are explored in this series, all with a deceptively playful overlay. Although I never depict actual people in my photographs, the human psyche is undeniably at the center of my work. I am fascinated by the psychological landscape, our search for meaning and the contradictions of human existence. So many stories, myths and artworks throughout history address these same concerns. I have found much rich source material to inspire my own interpretations for this series.

In my research, time and time again, the women in myths, folk tales, the Bible, and elsewhere are held responsible for causing both the world’s ills and the failings of men. This includes their own rapes, which are recounted in mythology with shocking frequency, and are typically deemed the woman’s fault, justifying her inevitable punishment. Of course, creating variations and reinterpretations of past tales and depictions is not a novel idea, but rather an age-old tradition, practiced throughout art history. My muses take back their power and tell their own stories. There is a rich well to draw upon from historical representations. We must remember, the old tales are fiction, and it is far past time for the retelling.

Grace Weston, 2023


Grace Weston creates narrative photography in her studio with miniature staged vignettes that address psychological themes. Among her many honors, most recently Weston made the Top 50 in Photolucida’s Critical Mass 2023, and from that was awarded the additional prize of a solo show for 2024 at the Southeast Center for Photography in Greenville, South Carolina. Weston was honored with the solo exhibition in All About Photo’s Showroom for the month of November 2023. She won both First Place Overall Portfolio category as well as Gold Winner in the Fine Art Portfolio category in the 2021 Tokyo International Foto Awards. She has earned fellowships from both the Oregon Arts Commission and Artist Trust (Washington State), nominations for Portland Art Museum’s Contemporary Northwest Art Awards (Oregon), and numerous grants during her career spanning more than 25 years. In 2012, she had her first European solo exhibition at Paci Contemporary in Brescia, Italy. An extensive exhibition of her work was shown at the Center for Photography in Yekaterinburg, Russia in 2021. She has exhibited widely in the US, as well as Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and Japan. In 2009, she was a finalist in PhotoEspana’s Descubrimientos exhibition in Madrid, and named one of the “Nine to Watch” in the Whatcom Museum Photography Biennial (Washington) in 2008.

Directors’ Statement

“My muses take back their power and tell their own stories. There is a rich well to draw upon from historical representations. We must remember, the old tales are fiction, and it is far past time for the retelling.”

The last sentence in Grace Weston’s artist statement sums up the message in her body of work “Reclaiming the Muse.” Her use of dolls and miniature sets playfully disguise the story of women, not glibly as victims but as archetypal scapegoats in humanity’s stories. The playful disguise falls away once the viewer recognizes the tale of Leda and the Swan, Shakespeare’s Ophelia on the analyst’s couch, and Judith’s beheading of Holofernes. As an allegorical art project, the use of dolls and miniatures is brilliant because it creates a thin veneer of humor and farce. The skill with which the vignettes are created and lit draws the viewer in and then the content becomes apparent, initially fooling us, the curtain drawn back, engaging us aesthetically and intellectually.

Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
May, 2024

website: graceweston.com
instagram @gracewestonnphotography

link to online exhibition

“trees” juried by Wendi Schneider | GalleryTalk

The “trees” exhibition juried by Wendi Schneider, was in the online gallery from April 12 to May 23, 2024.  Wendi selected fifty five images from forty seven artist. Myrtie Cope’s image “Sunlight on Bare Branches” received the Juror’s Award. Jeff Schewe’s image “Wind Swept Monterey Pine Trees” received the Director’s Award.

Juror’s Statement

It was delightful to dwell in the artists’ diverse interpretations of our world of trees, from earthly details to monumental vistas. Each season endows us with its own extraordinary magic and it was inspiring to see a range of elements so thoughtfully and tenderly presented, whether windswept, wild, lush, spare, colorful, reductive, reflected, abstracted or embellished.

I’m inevitably drawn to images with compelling compositions and unique perspectives that display a mastery of technique. Pristine or manipulated, I look for those that evoke the magic of the moment and resonate with the artist’s connection to their subject, engaging depth of field and lyrical light. I appreciate a variety of processes and consider how each synthesizes with and enhances the subject.

The chosen works offer a unique glimpse into the wonder and awe of their noble subjects. Thank you for allowing me to escape into these reverential worlds. I hope each viewer will find respite in a journey through this international exhibition.

Wendi Schneider
April, 2024

link to online exhibition

“Anne-Marie” by Jeremiah Dine | Awards Collective GalleryTalk

The Awards Collective was created to feature the works of artist who have received a Juror’s Award or Director’s Award in ASG’s Online exhibitions.  Jeremiah Dine’s  image “The Narcissist 1991“ received the Juror’s Award in the “portraits” exhibition juried by Elizabeth Flinsch.  Jeremiah’s exhibition “Anne-Marie” was featured from April 1 to April 30, 2024 and is discussed in our GalleryTalk with Jeremiah.

Please note:  YouTube put an age restriction of over 18 to be viewed.  In order to view the video click on “watch on YouTube” and follow the instructions. You do have to have a YouTube account. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Artist Statement

The images in Anne-Marie involve not just one camera, one face and body, one pair of eyes, but two consciousness merged to make something that didn’t exist    before, and that only existed at that one moment in time.

Francine Prose from her introduction

When you are in love with someone, their life, past, present and future, becomes in a curious way part of your life; and yet, at the same time, since two separate human entities in fact remain, you merely carry your own prejudices into another person’s imagined existence; not even into their ‘real’ existence, because only they themselves can estimate what their ‘real’ existence has been. 

Anthony PowellThe Acceptance World

 I can still remember that moment when I first saw her. July 1985. Blind date. We met in front of Cooper Union. She had a red bandana in her hair. I was shocked at how beautiful and cool she was. We spent the day together in a blur. She was funny and smart and sexy and seemed to like me. 10 hours later we were planning our next date. 

 These photographs are like our life. Some are beautiful, composed, and thoughtful, while others are out of focus, blurry, and poorly exposed. All of them were taken with the same aim- a desire to capture that thing that continues to fascinate me- the essential Anne-Marie.

Jeremiah Dine, October 2023

Anne-Marie and Jeremy met in 1985, while he was working as a studio assistant to Richard Avedon. Anne-Marie was working in the art department at Mademoiselle Magazine. They were fixed up on a blind date by their mutual friend Yolanda Cuomo, who was art directing at both of their jobs. It was literally love at first sight.

Anne-Marie immediately became part of his ongoing photographic “project”, AKA life.

They got married, had kids, moved multiple times, had health and economic issues,

lived through personal and global crises. Through all this she has been his constant artistic subject, as she has been his constant partner in love, art, parenting and friendship. This book is a document of 38 years together, their shared passion for each other, the world around them, and their vision as fellow artists.

Shot using a combination of 35mm and 120mm film, Digital, Polaroid, iPhone, Disposable camera, black and white and color, manipulated and “straight”. Designed by Yolanda Cuomo, edited by Yolanda Cuomo and Jeremiah Dine, with an essay by Francine Prose.

Jeremiah Dine, 2023


Jeremiah Dine is a New York City based Fine Art Photographer. After attending The Cooper Union, Jeremiah Dine published a book, Natural Selection (London/Stuttgart: Editions Hansjörg Mayer, 1983), 104 photographs taken at the American Museum of Natural History. Dine spent 2 years as a studio assistant to Richard Avedon, and then worked as a commercial/art photographer. His commercial clients included Conde Nast Publications, Simon & Schuster, and USA Today. His photographs were also published in Interview Magazine, The Village Voice, Esquire Japan, and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, among others. Dine’s second book, Daydreams Walking, 196 photographs shot on the streets of New York City, was published by Damiani in Spring 2020. Dine’s newest book project is Now is Tomorrow, 3 volumes of which were published by Understory Books in 2022.  Dine’s work is in many public and private collections around the world, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris.

website: jeremiahdine.com
instagram: @jeremy_dine

link to online exhibition

“ROLLER COASTER” by Aimee McCrory | Photographic Performance GalleryTalk

The Photographic Performance was created to feature the works of artist with completed bodies of work and a strong narrative. Aimee McCrory’s exhibition “ROLLER COASTER“ is the second of four performances to be exhibited during 2024.  Aimee’s exhibition is discussed in this GalleryTalk.

Artist Statement

ROLLER COASTER / Scenes from a Marriage is a cinematic exploration of the complexities and challenges that arise in long-term relationships. It began during the height of the pandemic when I was overwhelmed with a perhaps irrational fear of losing my husband Don to the virus. Photography was a way to express my emotions.

At first, Don was hesitant to participate, but gradually I enticed him. I paid close attention to our environment, our day-to-day activities and how we interacted. My observations revealed a variety of scenarios ranging from comical to concerning.

Through storyboards, staging, lighting, and wardrobe, I began to plan each photograph, drawing on my background in theater. The process of creating these pictures was emotionally and physically complex, but it brought us closer together as a couple. We laughed, cried, fought, and loved through the experience.

Overall, our project has been an extraordinary ride that has allowed us to grow as individuals and as a couple. What started as a single experiment soon evolved into a much larger project that aimed to capture the ordinary and extraordinary moments of our four-decade-long marriage.


Aimee B. McCrory’s photography centers on self-portraits, feminist themes, aging, and complex family dynamics. Her current project, “ROLLER COASTER / Scenes from a Marriage,” forms the basis of this potential exhibition.

Recent achievements include her recognition as a Top 50 in Photolucida’s Critical Mass 2023 competition, an Honorable Mention in the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards in July, and a similar mention in the 19th Annual Pollux Awards held in Barcelonain February. In May 2023, her work was featured at the Kolga Tbilisi Fotofest in Georgia, and she participated in The Houston Center of Photography’s 40th Annual Show in June 2023. In 2022, she received a Special Merit award from the Texas Photographic Society and secured second place in TPS’s New Visions 2022 competition.

Aimee’s work has been showcased in several publications, including Huck Magazine in May2023, Pictura Gallery’s blog in August 2023, and the Texas Photographic Society’s Member News newsletter.

McCrory has been engaged in an intensive mentorship with Chehalis Hegner since 2020. She has participated in workshops with Keith Carter. She also studied with Lynn Lane.

Her current affiliations include membership in Jane Alt’s critique group, enrollment in the Advanced Photo Workshop with Peter Brown at Rice University since 2021, and participation in an ongoing critique group led by Jason Langer.

Through her Photo Forum membership at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts Houston she maintains a vital relationship with the photographic arts community in Texas and beyond. Born in Houston, Texas, Aimee McCrory remains rooted in her hometown.

Directors’ Statement

Aimee McCrory’s project is a photographer riffing on the truth of domestic Joie de vivre: the wonder, reality, sadness, humor.  All fearlessly, beautifully, and skillfully made with a camera held by a lover and life partner expressing, with raw insider’s empathy, the sweetly tangled waltz that is the complicated dance – marriage.

Enough said – the images speak for themselves. The theme is universal.  Profundity wrapped in a wink.

Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
April, 2024

website: aimeemccrory.com

link to online exhibition

“sanctuary” juried by Kevin Tully | GalleryTalk

The “sanctuary” exhibition juried by Kevin Tully, was in the online gallery from March 1 to April 11, 2024.  Kevin selected fifty five images from forty four artist. Lev L Spiro’s image “The Secret” received the Juror’s Award. Melina Meza’s image “True Nature” received the Director’s Award.

link to online exhibition

“Fictive Landscapes” by Carol Eisenberg | Awards Collective GalleryTalk

The Awards Collective was created to feature the works of artist who have received a Juror’s Award or Director’s Award in ASG’s Online exhibitions.  Carol Eisenberg’s  image “Fictive Landscapes 08“ received the Juror’s Award in the “landscape” exhibition juried by Kevin Tully.  Carol’s exhibition “Fictive Landscapes” was featured from March 1 to March 31 , 2024 and is discussed in our GalleryTalk with Carol.

Artist Statement

I create constructed digital images that blur the line between painting and photography. This duality of aesthetics is an essential component of my approach to art and life. I am drawn to the polarities of beauty and decay, the contrived and the natural, the excessive and the elegant.

My compositions begin with originally sourced imagery selected from photographs I shoot in my studio or on location near my homes in Maine and Tel Aviv and on my extensive travels. As an active participant in the feminist movement of the 1970s, principles of inclusion, equality, and justice underlie my work in the breadth of source material and the embrace of beauty in all its forms.

The images exist in an abstract realm that unites intentional creation with a fluid, intuitive approach to composition and color. Fusing fragments of natural materials—trees, leaves, branches, flowers, and underwater forms—with images of graffiti and urban detritus, they conjure a mythic idyll in which the ethereal beauties of the natural and made worlds exist in harmony.

Carol Eisenberg, 2023


Carol Eisenberg has been a practicing photographer since the 1990s. She received her MFA in Media Arts and Photography from Maine Media College, Rockport, ME. Her work is in public and private collections nationwide and has been featured in Décor Maine, Maine Arts Journal, Portland Press Herald, LensCulture, and other publications. It has been exhibited at the Maine Jewish Museum, Portland, ME; LC Bates Museum, Fairfield, ME; and the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA. Eisenberg is represented by Carver Hill Gallery, Camden, ME; Susan Spiritus Gallery, Irvine, CA; and MMPA Gallery, Portland, ME. Her work has also been shown at A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX; Cove Street Arts, Portland, ME; Grant Wahlquist Gallery, Portland, ME; Southeast Center for Photography, Greenville, SC; Photo Place Gallery, Middlebury, VT; New York Center for Photographic Art, New York, NY; Colorado Photographic Arts Center, Denver, CO; and Center for Photographic Arts, Carmel, CA.

website: caroleisenberg.com
instagram: @carol_eisenberg

link to online exhibition