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“I have seen all there is to see in this god forsaken place. What a bland burg,” said Dirk Poydras.

“You have sat astride Lynette Broussard’s bay window, the mysterious oak grove and prickly pear hillock beyond?” said The Smiling Inquisitor.

“No,” said Dirk Poydras.

“You have enjoyed a sweet biscuit, looking past the hustle and bustle, beyond the fragrant counter, into the flour dusted inner sanctum, with the Baker rolling and sifting and often times singing?” asked The Smiling Inquisitor.

“No,” said Mr. Poydras.

“You have waded in The Bergeron’s fish pond with a child, as they giggle at the darting multi-colored fish, showing them that if they get low and look out across the gently undulating water, they will see the lighting dragonflies, as magical beasts, hungrily hunting mosquitoes, possibly loosed from the golden stables of a sprite or fairy?” said The Smiling Inquisitor.

“Certainly not,” said Mr. Poydras.

“You have borrowed Widow Rodrigue’s binoculars and watched the bats return at evening?” asked The Smiling Inquisitor.

“No,” said Dirk Poydras.

“Oh,” said The Smiling Inquisitor…”
From “The Tales of The Smiling Inquisitor” By Franklin Cincinnatus


“In Western art, “landscape” refers to the visible features of the land. In Asian art, the equivalent of landscape is「風景」literally meaning: “wind light.” This word refers to not only the visible features of the land, but also the invisible, as metaphorically expressed by the word “wind.” Can we see the wind? No. But we can feel its presence through what it manifests – the bending of branches, the waves on the water, etc. But these are also metaphors that help us to express not just what we see, but what we feel.

As expressed in Franklin Cincinnatus’ parable about vistas above, as a juror I am less interested in the technical excellence of a landscape photograph, and more interested in your perspectives of what a vista means to you, as expressed through not only the visible features, but also the metaphorical, biographical, or other elements.

“Vista” とは「景観」や「展望」等を意味する「見る」と言う動詞が由来のスペイン語の言葉です。しかし、この言葉は英語にも引用され、「美景」へと変形しました。

今回、私が審査員として求めているのは、英語の「美景」や単なる”landscape” ではなく、スペイン語のルーツと、東亜の「風景」に基づく、内面的な視点も含む写真です。”

George Nobechi, October 5, 2021


JUROR | George Nobechi will be the juror for “vistas”.  Nobechi is a photographer, educator, event and exhibition producer, and creative director for Nobechi Creative, based out of Japan. He is the creator and host of Evenings with the Masters®, a series of live and recorded presentations given by renowned masters of photography from around the world, launched during the pandemic to connect global photography audiences and to raise over $70,000 in funds for dozens of charities. These presentations involved collaborations with such photographers as Michael Kenna, Pete Souza, Jane Evelyn Atwood, Mona Kuhn, Awoiska van der Molen, Kate Breakey, Arthur Meyerson, Sam Abell, Keith Carter, Zalmai, Peter Turnley, Greg Gorman, Stephen Wilkes, Nevada Wier, Amy Toensing and more.

In addition, Nobechi Creative has produced over fifty award-winning online workshops over the past two years (named by Feature Shoot as among the top 50 workshops in the world), and is particularly known for its immersive photographic workshops, events, and exhibitions in Japan that work with local communities to provide exposure to photography for anyone who is drawn to it. These events include the production of several exhibitions including: “Hagi, 1980” (2017) featuring the work of Sam Abell at the Meirin Center in Hagi, Japan, “Sam Abell” (2017) at the Mirage Gallery, Kobe, Japan, “Takayama: Face of a City” (2018) featuring the work of Greg Gorman and nine other photographers at the Takayama City Museum, “Hagi, Then and Now” (2019) featuring the work of Sam Abell and George Nobechi at the Meirin Center, and “Satoru: The Blossoming of Awareness” (2021) featuring the work of George Nobechi and fifteen North American photographers from Nobechi’s workshops at the Louisville Photo Biennial, as well as numerous accompanying talks.

Nobechi is also an Adobe Creative Resident and Lightroom tutorial creator as well as a DxO Labs expert photographer and webinar instructor. He is a guest lecturer at the Tokyo Institute of Photography and an advisor to PhotoNOLA.

Nobechi’s own photography has been recognized with two Critical Mass Top 50 Awards, an Rfotofolio Merit Award, numerous PX3 awards including a Curator Selection Winner and Silver Awards for Fine Art & Monograph categories, Winner in PDN’s Curator Awards for Best Landscape Series, Gold in the Tokyo International Foto Awards, and a selection to the prestigious “Exposure” exhibition at the PRC Boston.

Nobechi had been in numerous solo exhibition and magazine publications.  His work is in collections at the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography, the Australian Museum of Contemporary Photography and the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson.

He is represented by Patricia Conde Galeria (Mexico), A Gallery for Fine Photography (New Orleans) and the Webster Collection (Santa Fe).

Nobechi currently resides in the mountains of Nagano, in central Japan.


SUBMISSION | Guidelines:  Digital images should 1000 pixels on the longest side saved in JPEG format at 72 ppi. Each image should be labeled with consecutive numbers followed by your name, i.e. 1FirstName_LastName.jpg. The number should correspond with the number on the application form.  Please do not watermark your images.  If you need help sizing your images, please follow this link https://convert.town/image-dpi


SUBMISSION | Online:  Fill out our online application to apply, send images, and make payment with Paypal. You will receive an email confirmation upon receiving the submission and payment. You can also fill and submit the online application, print out your confirmation email, and mail it with a check for your fees to the address below. 

SUBMISSION | Email:  Email image files and submission form to amanda@asmithgallery.com. The gallery will send an email confirmation upon receiving the submission and payment.

The gallery will send an email confirmation upon receiving the submission and payment.


SUBMISSION | Entry Fee:  $38 for the first 5 images, $7 per each additional image. Submissions of 11 or more images are eligible for a review of the submitted images by the gallery directors.  Submission fees are not refundable.  Photographers submitting 11 or more images are entitled to receive a review by the gallery directors.  作品を11枚以上応募されてギャラリー・ディレクターによるレビューを受ける方は、George Nobechiが無料で通訳致します。


ELIGIBILITY |  Submissions are open to all photographers both professional and amateur working in all photographic mediums and styles. International entries are welcomed. Work that has been previously exhibited at A Smith Gallery is not eligible.


PRINTING/MATTING/FRAMING | Information:  The gallery offers printing, matting and framing services. If sending framed work, please use mats and frames that compliment your work and are appropriate in a gallery setting. Colored mats are discouraged. All images should be ready to hang with wires. Gallery wraps are not acceptable. If you have any questions regarding appropriate presentation please contact amanda@asmithgallery.com.


AWARDS|  The awards are as follows:

Jurors Award – $325.00 and will receive a 30-minute, one-on-one portfolio review with George Nobechi, from which a selection of their work will be featured in an online solo exhibition on www.nobechicreative.com to run in December 2021.
Directors Award – $250.00
Three Juror Honorable Mentions – an exhibition catalogue
Director Honorable Mentions chosen at the discretion of the Gallery Directors – an exhibition catalogue
Visitors Award – $100.00


SALES |  The gallery will retain 40% of the sales price.


USE RIGHTS |  Photographers retain full rights to their own images. The gallery will use the photographer’s images for publicity purposes as well as in the Blurb exhibition catalogue.


FOR MORE INFORMATION |  amanda@asmithgallery.com