botanical :  concerning plants, agricultural, gardening, floral, grasses, herbs,  horticultural, shrubs, floricultural, botanic, weeds, landscaping,  arboricultural, trees, flowers …


Orville ‘Bud’ Rose sat in a coin fed massage chair in the mall, killing time, waiting for his extra hot, half-caff, vanilla latte to cool.  A piece of lined paper lying at the foot of the unoccupied, neighboring massage chair caught his eye.  He reached down and retrieved it. Written at the top of the page, in meticulous blue ink script, was, “Botanical Trivia.” Beneath the title were fourteen lines of text that appeared to have been written in more haste, in pencil:

     “The Chicago bootlegger and gangster, Dion O’Banion, was cleaning up some chrysanthemums in the back room of his florist shop when he was murdered by rival gangsters. The room continued to smell of flowers.

     The Japanese novelist, Yukio Mishima, composed a death poem just before he took his own life in the way of the Samurai:    

           A small night storm blows
           Saying “fallings is the essence of a flower”
           Preceding those who hesitate

He could smell cherry blossom and radish as his essence spilled upon the autumn tatami.

     Hogarth, Gin Lane, a horror. Dr. Franz, art historian, bon vivant and epicurean denied the engraving represented the effects of good gin — an exquisite distillation of botanical aromatics. He stood at the chalkboard and slowly made wonderful drawings of juniper, coriander, angelica, lemon, orange, orris root, cardamom, licorice, cassia bark and cinnamon. If I were making the movie of his life I would have him fly around the lecture hall like that wondrous Saint Joseph of Cupertino (the ecstatic Giuseppeproud and grinning, perfuming the scholastic air as he went.”

Orville folded the piece of paper, placing it in the seat of the resting massage chair as he moved on to meet his brother at the food court, thinking they should have fresh basil on their pizza…” From “Mall Stories” By Franklin Cincinnatus


JUROR | Wendi Schneider will be the juror for “botanical”.   Schneider is a Denver-based visual artist whose painterly photographs illuminate a deep reverence for organic forms in the natural world. Born in Memphis, she holds an AA in Art History from Stephens College in Columbia, MO and a BA in Painting from Newcomb/Tulane in New Orleans. She turned to photography in the early ‘80s to capture models to reference for paintings. Missing the sensuality of oils, she began layering glazes on her photographs to create a more personal interpretation. After she photographed, designed and produced the award-winning re-creation of the 1901 Picayune’s Creole Cook Book for The Times-Picayune, she moved to New York, where she photographed nearly 100 book covers and was a major contributor to the original Victoria Magazine. She moved to Denver in 1994, and after several decades of photography, design and art direction for clients, she recently returned to fine art photography.

Schneider’s photographs have been exhibited in a solo shows at A Gallery For Fine Photography, The Griffin Museum of Photography, Galeria Photo/Graphic, and the A Smith Gallery, and in group exhibits in more than 70 venues including Panopticon Gallery, Candela Gallery, The Center For Photographic Art, The Center For Fine Art Photography, and the Berlin and Barcelona Foto Biennales. Her work has been featured in Blur, Diffusion, Lenscratch, B&W Magazine, Silvershotz, Adore Chroma, Edge of Humanity, Photographize, Dodho, Uncoated, and as a Rule Breaker on Don’t Take Pictures. She has been honored by the International Photography Awards, the International Color Awards, the Spider Awards, the Gala Awards and the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards. Schneider is represented by A Gallery For Fine Photography in New Orleans, Catherine Couturier Gallery in Houston and Galeria Photo/Graphic in San Miguel de Allende, MX. She sits on the executive board of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center.


Creativity is encouraged.


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AWARDS|  The awards are as follows:

Jurors Award – $325.00
Directors Award – $250.00
Three Juror Honorable Mentions – an exhibition catalogue
Director Honorable Mentions chosen at the discretion of the Gallery Directors – an exhbition catalogue
Visitors Award – $100.00


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