“still life”

still life : an arrangement of ordinary objects of contrasting textures.


“Katy Jane crawled and shimmied around the attic — dragging a sack full of stuff like Santa Claus in Millennial drag.  Her phone ringing with a techno Adele Hello downstairs on the granite capped kitchen island.  For the very first time she was annoyed, not excited or secure, with the ringing of her phone. 

Satisfied that she had enough in her sack she moved towards the attic stairs like a dancing blond Cossack ripped from the pages of Cosmopolitan or Vogue.  Looking down the steep, awkwardly unfolded ladder she wasn’t sure how to get the bag of treasure down into the narrow, life stained, dark, carpeted hallway; laughing as she thought of Rapunzel.

With the stuff spread out across the kitchen floor, holding on to the protruding granite of the countertop, Katy Jane shouted, “I’m not an artist, I don’t know how to do this!” tears collecting in the corners of a smile.  She walked slowly through the maze of decorations and memories, selecting a cracked and chipped raku reproduction of a baseball glove holding a box turtle instead of a ball, placing it at the center of the island.  Next she put a pair of old, size thirteen, wingtip brogues, painted to look something like a hippo and a lizard, against the baseball mitt.  The shoes had been her grandfather’s.  

After she had carefully placed everything from the attic on the kitchen island she took a picture of it with her phone.  She thought about sending it to her brother but wasn’t sure if he would get it or just be pissed off.  Was she crazy too?  What the hell was she doing? Was it possible to jar her Father out of his grief and resignation?  Did she really think he would come upon this thing she had created for him and be compelled to draw again, to be himself again?  Maybe… “  From “Still Life”  by Franklin Cincinnatus 


Creativity is encourged.


JUROR| Kate Breakey will be the juror for “still life”.  Ms Breakey is internationally recognized for large-scale, richly hand-colored photographs, including her acclaimed series of luminous portraits of birds, flowers, animals, and insects. Since 1980, her work has appeared in more than seventy one-person exhibitions and more than fifty group exhibitions in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, China, New Zealand, and France.

Breakey’s work is held in many public collections, including the Australian National Gallery in Canberra, the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. In 2004 , she received the Photographer of the Year Award from the Houston Center for Photography.

A native of South Australia who has also lived and worked in Texas, Breakey now resides and photographs in the desert outside Tucson. Her work has been published in three books, Small Deaths: Photographs (2001) Birds/ Flowers (2002) and Painted Light (2010) – the first career retrospective of Breakey’s work encompassing twenty years of prolific image-making.

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