Leafing, Kozo and Cold Wax | Workshop in a Box / Private Zoom workshop


INSTRUCTORS | Amanda Smith assisted by Kevin Tully
DATE | three hours with hour follow up  (times to be determined)
TUITION | $320.00 plus $65 supply fee (shipping costs are included in the tuition)

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION | The purpose of this basic four hour Zoom leafing workshop is to acquaint students with the fundamentals of leafing an image printed on Kozo paper, adhering the leafed image to a board and the application of cold wax.  Kozo is a Japanese paper made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree.  Amanda has chosen Kozo for presentation of her personal work because of its relative transparency, allowing the luster of the leaf to show through.  The cold wax is applied after the leafing process, further enhancing the translucency of the paper, allowing the sparkle of the leaf to shine through.

There is an important difference between leafing on Kozo and vellum.   Vellum, which is used by many, very often produces dramatic effects. The effects achieved leafing on Kozo are more subtle, adding sparkle and glimmer to the lighter, less pigmented areas of the image, creating a unique light effect when exposed to direct light or significant ambient light. The main difference between leafing on vellum as opposed to Kozo is the leaf is typically apparent to the viewer with vellum.  Leafing with Kozo is a more subtle enhancement of the image. In the gallery, we have experienced visitors drawn to the images, but not sure why. They recognize something unique but don’t make the connection until it is explained to them.

The workshop will cover:

  • Applying gold and silver leaf to Kozo paper
  • Applying the leafed image to substrate (optional)
  • Applying cold wax over the image

The gallery will ship all the boards, prints, art supplies and equipment necessary to complete four images during the workshop.  The supply fee includes one booklet of white gold leaf (25 sheets), one booklet of silver leaf (25 sheets), hardboard cut to size for four images, four Kozo prints of student images, cold wax, chip brush, rags and face mask. Due to shipping issues, student will need to purchase sizing and varnish. The student will ship back the equipment after the follow up session.  Shipping labels will be provided by the gallery.  Shipping costs are included in the tuition.

Cancellation Policy

Please send cancellation via email up to 14 days prior to workshop date for a full refund of tuition.




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