“downtown” reception July 30, 2014

There are always moments of magic when you fill a room with creative individuals.  We were not disappointed this past Saturday afternoon at the closing reception for “Downtown”. 


First, the three ladies in wonderful floral wear (they asked that their names not be used) asked to have their picture taken.


Three old friends met and talked of old times — they had been medical photographers and an illustrator at different hospitals here in Texas. 


The brownies con chili and the champagne were well received.  


David Hansen gave a very moving talk about his image which was reminiscent of the work of Piet Mondrian.


Lynn Baldwin brought along his beautiful and arresting book of panoramas.  They are mostly of disappearing small towns here in Texas and Missouri. 


Jasmine Peters,who drove up from Corpus Christi, spoke about her great image of Town Lake in Austin.   She is a former student of our friend, Steve Goff, at Odessa College.  She also regaled us with humorous stories of her day job. 


Carol Serur explained the capturing of her beautiful images.  We also want to thank Carol for helping us hang the show.


Thanks again to for Peter Liepke for selecting such a wonderful group of photographs. 


See ya