A couple of weekends ago,  we hosted a tremendously fun and energized reception for the “treasure” exhibition.  The evening was enlivened by Richard Orton signing his book,”The Upshaws of County Line, An American Family” and the gallery talk given by Roy Flukinger, the juror of “treasure” and the writer of the preface to Richard’s book.  We also had all the great folks that attended Meri Walker’s “It’s Not Just Luck” iPhone artistry class, sponsored by the gallery, that was held just down the street.

The weekend started on friday evening with a casual pozole party in the gallery.  For those that aren’t familiar with pozole, it is a traditional mexican soup or stew.  The basic ingredients are pork (or chicken or tofu), hominy and five different kinds of dried chilis.  Pozole is hominy in Spanish. It is a great communal supper because of the accoutrements and condiments that go along with it:  cabbage, queso fresco, avocado, tomato, onion, fresh chili pepper, lime, mexican oregano, tostadas and more.  Set all this out on a table and hand someone a steaming bowl of the soup and watch ‘em break out in a big grin!  There was a bunch of grinning going on the other night which was most definitely helped along by the tasty margaritas made by Judy Sherrod, of Shootapalooza fame, and the great conversation.  This is what it’s all about.

Meri Walker’s iphone workshop continued on Saturday morning down the street at Chantilly Lace Bed and Breakfast.  Porter and Sylvia’s southern hospitality and great meals are legendary around here.  Porter can be abrupt sometimes.  Some say it’s because he hit his head in a plane crash years ago.  Others say it’s because he’s always hungry.  Sylvia knows, but she’s not talkin’.  We owe Porter and Sylvia a big “thanks guys” for helping us make our workshops an ongoing success.

From all the very interesting posting going back and forth on Facebook by the class participants it appears that Meri’s class was a great adbenture.  We have especially enjoyed watching our friend, Aubrey Guthrie, burst out into social media — keep on truckin’ Aubrey!

The reception Saturday night was one of the best we’ve had.  We had folks from all across Texas.  We were especially pleased to meet the photographer Remi Lai.  He came all the way from Kirksville, Missouri.  The evening ended with another great communal meal at our local brewpub, Pecan Street Brewing.  Thanks to all who came and made the weekend a memorable one.

Oh, check-out the very amateurish video of the exhibit below.  We will get better at this.  Amanda apologizes for slaughtering the photographers names.  We will also get better at this.

See ya!