The Photographic Performance 2017/Catherine Panebianco

“Benny Was A Good Boy” by Catherine Panebianco was selected during our call for exhibitions “The Photographic Performance 2017”.  It was exhibited in the Salon gallery from January 19 to February 18, 2018.


“Benny Was a Good Boy began as a chronicle of my old dog’s final year but ended up being a way for me to deal with death. By photographing his slow decline, I dealt with the feelings that accompany the breaking of a connection that was so important in my life. Moving a lot as a child led me to crave connections with people or places but I was also afraid to be hurt when the connection was ultimately broken. Dogs have always been that one unquestionable connection in my life – they never failed me.

Benny Was A Good Boy series includes a hazy, grainy, closed-in mood that embodied what I was feeling at the time. Presenting the images as diptychs intensified the close relationship that existed between the two of us.”

Catherine Panebianco