“response” juried by Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully

The “response” exhibition juried by gallery directors, Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully, was in the Main gallery from December 22, 2017 to February 11, 2018.  Amanda and Kevin selected fifty seven images from forty five artist.  Charlotte Watts’ “Road Kill #12 – Fawn, La Pieta” received the Juror’s Award.  Carlos Detres’ “The Anxiety of Love” received the Director’s Award.  Juror’s Honorable Mentions were given to Dave Hanson’s “The Valley”, Keith Kesler’s “Beware of Falling Coconuts” and Sara Silks’ “Sliding”.  Director’s Honorable Mentions were given to  Gary Beeber’s “Double Portrait, Providence, RI”, Charlene Hardy’s “Giggles” and Jaime Siragusa’s “The Future is Nasty”.  Kathy McCall’s “Worship” received the Visitors’ Award.


“How do we respond?  Many of us respond with anger.  Many of us respond with disbelief.  Many of us respond with indifference.  Many of us respond with our cameras.

We photographers can catch devolution or evolution or revolution.   We can comment without uttering a word.  Beautiful metaphor and devastating irony can flutter or shout from the image.  The passionate confusion of lovers can exist in time with the startling rage of provocateurs.

Response can be in the form of a psalm or an answer — an answer to life’s moments that break our hearts or set them on fire.”

Franklin Cincinnatus