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The “portal” exhibition juried by Crista Dix, was in the online gallery from October 27 to December 7, 2023.  Crista selected fifty five images from forty two artist. Sophie Pimpinella’s image “Brust” received the Juror’s Award. Walter Plotnick’s image “Limerick” received the Director’s Award.

Juror’s Statement

What lies beyond is often mysterious, exciting and daunting all at the same time. For me the unknown is always approached head first, not wanting to miss a minute of what is ahead. The mystic quality of what lies beyond wherever we are has a cosmic pull and infinite curiosity.This exhibition, Portals, transported me to envisioning new worlds, far away stars and hidden stories that engaged me endlessly. So many wonderful images to work with, so many roads to travel, doors to walk through and pathways to wander, and narrowing the field down to the final exhibition was difficult. Thank you to everyone who submitted images, making my work so difficult.Each image in the exhibition is a story, unknown and incomplete. For all the images, nothing is certain, nothing is clearly defined and everything is up for debate. Using light, reflection, softness and catching an unforeseen moment, these images all engage us, make us curious, raise the hairs on the back of our neck. Sophie Pimpinella’s image, Burst, is optimistic, mystical and filled with layered meaning. The prism of light overlaying the dark sky gives us hope all is not lost, that light can come out of the darkness. Matthew Hayner’s image Evan leaps into the unknown, and for those who take risks, we know exactly what that moment of release feels like. In The Search, Sigdal, NorwayRobin Boger gives us a view of the present and the past, and includes the future as we peer through the door to what is on the other side. Russell Banks Door, Water, Clouds launches us into the water and the vast unknown while keeping us locked in behind glass doors. Leah Oates image Transitory Space, Nova Scotia, Canada, McNabs Island #19, is filled with the magic of place, exposure and altered vision. We expect cameras to record accurately and honestly, and with that truth comes multiple exposures, light leaks, and distortion. In a stark contrast of two ways to move forward, Ancestors, by Christina McFaul helps us follow the transition from physical to memorial, and Skip Smith’s Border Fence physically blocks us from moving forward.Each image in this exhibition takes us on a journey, piques our interest, and has us asking what is happening in the image. Telling visual stories, each of these talented artists are storytellers and visionaries. My favorite images are filled with the unknown, and each one of these images has me returning again and again to tell new stories, find new ways to live within the image, and transit new throughways to the unknown. Thank you for sharing your stories with me, with us.

Crista Dix, November, 2023

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