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The “color” exhibition juried by Fran Forman, was in the online gallery from December 8, 2023 to January 18, 2024.  Fran selected fifty five images from forty artist. Aubrey Guthrie’s image “Zocolo Santa Fe 2” received the Juror’s Award. Sharon Royal’s image “Synchronous” received the Director’s Award.

Juror’s Statement

Whether it’s through art, design, or everyday life, color enriches our experiences and adds depth to how we perceive the world.

As the juror for A Smith Gallery’s exhibition, “Color,” it was an honor to witness the myriad interpretations and expressions of this captivating subject. The submissions showcased an exceptional range of creativity, each capturing the essence and significance of color in its unique form.

Throughout the selection process, it became evident that color is more than a visual element; it is a language that artists skillfully employ to convey emotions, stories, and perspectives. The submissions illuminated how colors interact, evoke emotions, and breathe life into the scenes captured by the lens. It is clear that understanding color allows us to express ourselves creatively and communicate in ways that transcend language barriers.

From vibrant, bold palettes that exuded energy to subtle, nuanced hues that whispered tales of serenity, each photograph carried its distinct narrative. The diverse use of color schemes, contrasts, and harmonies demonstrated a profound understanding of the emotional and symbolic power of color.

Beyond the technical aspects, the submissions showcased the artists’ ability to harness color as a tool for storytelling and expression. Some photographs utilized color as the focal point, drawing the viewer’s gaze and stirring profound emotions. Others masterfully played with the absence or restraint of color to convey depth and evoke introspection.

The deliberation process was both inspiring and challenging, as each entry possessed its own merit and spoke volumes about the artist’s connection to color. Ultimately, the selected photographs stood out for their ability to not only capture the visual beauty of color but also to evoke a deeper emotional resonance, leaving a lasting impression on my mind and heart.

Congratulations to all participants for your exceptional contributions, which collectively painted a vivid tapestry of the diverse, emotive, and multifaceted nature of color. Your artistry and creativity have made this competition an enriching journey, reminding us all of the profound impact of color in our lives and the arts.

And many thanks to Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully, directors of A Smith Gallery, for affording me this privilege and for the tireless work you do for the photographic community.

 Fran Forman
January, 2024

link to online exhibition