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“she” juried by Sandra Chen Weinstein | GalleryTalk

The “she” exhibition juried by Sandra Chen Weinstein, was in the online gallery from June 10 to July 21, 2022.  Sandra selected fifty five images from fifty two artist.  Beverly Conley’s images “Woman Plucking Chicken” received the Juror’s Award.  Lesley Blessing’s image “Floating, Twin Elements” received the Director’s Award. Lori Pond’s image “Come Fly Away” […]


Hokkaido, Land of the Ainu | a conversation with Elizabeth Sanjuan

Elizabeth Sanjuan is a photographer from Hollywood, Florida. We recently had her exhibition, “Hokkaido Land of the Ainu,” up in the gallery. This body of work is a pictorial etude, showcasing the home of the native people of Japan, the Ainu, without them being physically present in the photographs. The elegantly stark winter images of […]


Juror’s Award “light” : a conversation with Margaret Albaugh

Margaret Albaugh is a Chinese-American documentary and fine art photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. Margaret was the Juror’s selection from our exhibition “Light.” Albaugh also studies psychology and that interest can be seen infused into her work. Her interest in human nature, identity and social constructs inform her personal projects. She aims to pay […]


Directors Award “light” : a conversation with Aimee McCrory

Aimee McCrory received the Director’s Award for her wonderful image, “Ghost Chair,” in our recent exhibition, “light.” Amanda and I were fortunate to have a great conversation with her not too long ago. Aimee has a background in theatre and performance. It appears the performance side of her artistic nature is bonded to her photographic […]


Here,Still (Unmoored) | a conversation with George Nobechi

Rembrandt and Sam Abell travel with us as we look at George Nobechi’s photographs. In George’s case the darkening of the shapes, for looking at shapes and their relation to one another is ultimately, subconsciously what we do after identifying or attempting to identify the content, doesn’t add mystery, it adds weight and presence. Many […]


Touchstones | a visual conversation between Dawn Surratt and Sal Taylor Kydd

Touchstones | a visual conversation between Dawn Surratt and Sal Taylor Kydd came down in the Gallery recently.  We hated to see it go. It was a true joy having this creative conversation between these collaborators and friends in the gallery over the past month. The images are simple, soft, understated — referencing childhood, past […]


“art + science” juried by Linda Alterwitz

The “art + science” exhibition juried by Linda Alterwitz, was in the Salon gallery from March 15 to May 19, 2019.  Linda selected thirty three images from twenty three artist.  Abbey Hepner and Mike Avery’s image “Atmosphere, from the series Optogenetic Cybernetic Translations” received the Juror’s Award.  Heino Heimann’s image “18:22:20” received the Director’s Award.  […]


“she” juried by Joyce Tenneson

The “she” exhibition juried by Joyce Tenneson, was in the Main gallery from February 22 to April 7, 2019.  Joyce selected fifty five images from forty seven artist.  Felice Boucher’s image “Goddess Cloak” received the Juror’s Award.  Peggy Taylor Reid’s image “Strength” received the Director’s Award.  Juror’s Honorable Mentions were given to Joan Lobis Brown’s […]


“diptych” juried by Kevin Tully

The “diptych” exhibition juried by Kevin James Tully, was in the Salon gallery from January 18 to March 10, 2019.  Kevin selected thirty six  images from thirty one artist.  Julie Mixon’s images”A Seemingly Short Swim to the Other Side” and “What If…” received the Juror’s Award.  Lisa Nebenzahl’s’s image “Fall/Clouds” received the Director’s Award.  Juror’s […]


“black/white” juried by Jennifer Schlesinger

The “black/white” exhibition juried by Jennifer Schlesinger, was in the Main gallery from January 11 to February 17, 2019.  Jennifer selected fifty two images from forty five artist.  Philip Augustin’s images”Negative #17-003-03 with Photogram”, “Negative #18-008-14 with Photogram” and “Negative #18-009-14 with Photogram” received the Juror’s Award.  Sharon Covert’s image “Love is Blind” received the […]