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Hi there, this is Kevin, the other Gallery Director here at A Smith Gallery.  I was given the task of keeping the blog portion of the website going about a year ago.  However, because of us having to move and other things out of my control (sounds pretty good to me — Amanda isn’t buying it either) I am just now getting around to it.  I promise to do better.

This is going to be the first of my catch-up posts.  I apologize to Mark and all the other recent Juror’s Award Winners for my tardiness.  The following are the three questions we ask our winners.

Mark Hopkins / The Lull / Jurors Award

Mark Hopkins was the co-winner along with Carol Erb of the Juror’s Award for our exhibition “water” juried by S Gayle Stevens.  Mark’s image was especially compelling to me because I grew up fishing on the Texas Gulf Coast.  He captured that moment of absolute serenity on certain calm fishing days of my childhood, when the cork would slowly drift, waiting, and along with the gentle movement of the boat, could induce an almost hypnotic languor.  A pretty remarkable circumstance for a kid with ADD.

Mark how did you come to photography?

I bought a digital camera in 2004 at age 72 and got fascinated with the control that it and PhotoShop afforded. Before that, cameras were just things to take along on trips. Trying to do good stuff has been my freetime goal ever since.

Can you tell us about your images?

My primary aim is to capture closeups of forms in nature. This has covered everything from rock formations to vegetation to water reflections to window frost.

Mark, could you tell us a little bit about your life before camera and how life with camera has affected or influenced your view of the world or how you look at it?

Life before ‘camera’ involved mostly reveling at the enticing visual aspects of everyday life and not wanting to have a camera between me and those images. Life after ‘camera’ has delivered the satisfaction of being able to share that fascination with others.





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