Mentoring and Portfolio Review with Gallery Directors (2 hours)


REVIEWERS/CONSULTANTS | Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
FEE | 175.00 2 hour session (also available in half hour sessions)

Amanda and Kevin, the gallery directors of A Smith Gallery, have been conducting photo and portfolio reviews and mentoring photographers for the past nine years. The gallery has been exhibiting work for thirteen years and shown the work of over four thousand photographers in over one hundred and sixty exhibitions. Many of the exhibitions juried or curated by Kevin and or Amanda.

“Over the years we have noticed that composition and the rules and principles of photography are not the major obstacles for photographers to overcome, but the often difficult act of seeing, of transcending the camera, looking out into the world as an artist, a creator, a fine art photographer.”

A session with Amanda and Kevin is typically predicated on three questions:

Why are you doing this?

Where do you want to go?

How can we help you get there?

A session can be a portfolio review or help with a concept for a project or book.

“We strongly believe that discovering or articulating one’s personal aesthetic is an important aspect of achieving a satisfying and successful photography practice.”


Amanda Smith is the founder and co-director of A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas.  She has been a photographer for over thirty years as well as a practicing Certified Public Accountant. She used both her knowledge of photography and business skills to create the gallery twelve years ago.  Amanda, through the gallery, has been a champion of the creative potential of the photographic process as a juror, curator and presenter and sponsor of numerous photography workshops.

Amanda’s personal photographic work has been selected for numerous juried and group exhibitions and is included in several private collections.  She served on the board of the Texas Photographic Society as treasurer for fifteen years.

Kevin Tully is co-director of A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas. He is an artist, photographer, and woodworker. Kevin spent over thirty years as a designer, fine art painter and furniture maker prior to joining A Smith Gallery.  Kevin has juried numerous exhibitions for the gallery and other organizations over the past nine years. Kevin also does portfolio reviews and mentors individual photographers as well as writing about photography and art.





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